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Eveleigh – Great Food, Great Location Plus Dining Al Fresco

If you’re not careful, you will whizz by the valet parking driveway as you round the corner on Sunset Blvd., looking for Eveleigh. My spouse and I, and a lovely group of friends all descended on the place on Friday evening. There was definitely already a buzz happening at the restaurant, and my first glance at the wine/spirits list was very encouraging. The owners take their liquor selections (with a deep range of whiskies, tequilas and mezcals amongst others) very seriously.

As for the food, I found almost all the dishes were well executed and well balanced; the weakest dish was the hanger steak which was a little tough. The best dish: the fresh uni (sea urchin) which they source from a local Santa Barbara diver/fisherwoman – it was alive until the moment they cracked it open and plated it. The quills on the urchin’s carapace were still quivering while we downed the uni which was truly the best I have ever had. The roasted cauliflower had a nice citrus note; the lamb tagliatelle was excellent; the fried baby artichokes were crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly. Because we were a group of 6 we were able to sample a large portion of the menu, and as most dishes are tapas style we grazed quite a bit.

Ambiance is exellent – I highly recommend sitting on the outside deck under the stars looking out over the city view. With our amazing L.A. weather, dining outside in the evening is lovely and perched on Sunset is probably one of the best spots to do so.

Amazingly fresh; and locally fished from Santa Barbara's Channel Isles.

Amazingly fresh; and locally fished from Santa Barbara’s Channel Isles.

We left at around 9:15 p.m. on a Friday evening, and the place was really hopping. Maybe it’s not on EaterLA’s top 38 must-eat list, but its well worth a visit.

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